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Wedding Cater and What the First Meeting Will Be Like

So, you have found the perfect venue for your wedding, but catering is not included in the package or the menu options are not exactly what you want. Whatever the reason, you will be hiring a wedding caterer. If you live in Florida, Corporate Caters Tampa handle weddings also. Here are somethings to talk about with the catering service.

First meeting

At the first meeting, you can expect a rather informal with no pressure chat with your caterer so both get an idea of who both sides are, what you like and don’t like. This can also be over the phone or at your home depending on locations. Its best to both get a feeling of each other. And a proposal can be created with menus and costs.


First check their availability to start. Also ask which venues they are the recommended caters for – this gives you some sense of their status in this industry.

Type of cooking

Ask the caterer if they focus in one type of cooking – you might want to have a very traditional style of cooking. Also try to get a rough indication of costs right upfront so you are not wasting your or their time. Cost is also dependent on the venue itself – the size, the equipment that is onsite, how many levels, where it is and so on. This means do not expect an on the spot exact figure as this is not very realistic.


Unless you have a very specific style of catering such as halal or kosher, lots of caters can deliver the current, and trendy menus and non-traditional menus.


Good catering companies usually have a great chef and good chefs are worth their weight in gold. They should have extensive knowledge of seasonal produce, local produce and flavours and ingredients. So, it is always a good idea to pick their brains to see what they can come up with if you are looking for something unusual. Here are some unusual options:

  • Live cooking – such as lamb spit roast, paella, or stir fry;
  • Middle Eastern –couscous, rustic breads, tagine;
  • Street foods;
  • Antipasti sharing boards;
  • Dessert tables.


They usually will be able to use different venues as references. Look at their past clients to see who has employed them as well as check the internet for reviews.


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