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How to write a fundraiser story for a creative campaign

One of the biggest obstacles for an artist is to get money for his project to get off the ground. Fortunately, crowdfunding India provides a way for individuals and groups to raise money to support their creative crowdfunding project.  

Your crowdfunding description is one of the principle things that catches the eye of the people when they arrive on your crowdfunding website.

Your crowdfunding description should be gripping and emotional and free of errors. It should be able to completely explain the creative project or event you’re raising funds for.

For your campaign to be successful, you have to grab the attention of the donors in a short period of time, then explain how backing up your project will enable them to be a part of something remarkable.

However, numerous people have never launched a crowdfunding campaign before, so they are uncertain of how to go about writing the perfect description.

Luckily, here are the tips you need to kickstart your creative crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Choose the right platform – Before starting a crowdfunding campaign, you need to choose a home for it. Use an already established crowdfunding website, they offer visibility but usually have high fees which can diminish your funds significantly. Each site has its own specialty and niches. Here is a quick comparison of all the crowdfunding websites in India.
  2. Be specific – It is crucial for your campaign page to include every detail required for a potential donor to understand your product. Do not leave your donors with any question about your project, because that generates doubt and makes them less likely to fund your project. Also be particular about what donors get from you at each reward level.
  3. Write a headline that fascinates – The first thing that catches the attention of someone when they visit your page is the headline and if it fascinates them in some way, they are more likely to continue browsing in order to discover what the rest of the page has to say. Remember not to give away too much, or people may not continue reading.

Incorporate a video – Videos are an excellent way to attract potential donors because people often answer to visual aids better than text. Videos not only give the donors a more detailed look at what you are fundraising for, but they also give you the chance to humanize the fundraising India campaign and link with people and also convince them to get involved in your dream project.

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