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Sarouel Femme : Histoire, Caractéristiques et Styles

Le sarouel, également appelé “pantalon bouffant“, a une histoire riche et variée. Originaire du Moyen-Orient, il est devenu un vêtement emblématique de diverses cultures à travers le monde. Voici un aperçu de ses caractéristiques, de son histoire et de ses styles…


History of Tattoo apparel 

Jean-Paul Gautier leads High Fashion. Though there is more to it than meets the eye, clothing and tattoos are associated with self-expression. Clothing and tattoos are inextricably intertwined; they have impacted one another historically and continue to do so now….


6 Kaftans You Must Have in UAE

Kaftans originated in Asia and are a variation of the robe or tunic. They have been worn by a number of different cultures around the world for hundreds of years. They typically have a long length and long sleeves that…