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How to Care for Your Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and versatility. But one obvious thing is- you pay to get those amazingly perfect artificial nails. And when you pay so much, you would definitely want to take care of your acrylic nails so that they last really long. For any layman, it would all be guessing game as to how to care for your acrylic nails. This is why we are going to talk about definite ways in which you can do so. Here’s a list of tips for taking care of your acrylic nails and keeping them healthy.

Try keeping the nails dry

As your acrylic nails are exposed to water too often or if the water stays over your acrylic nails, it can cause lifting of the acrylic layer. This simply means your acrylic nails would fall off before they are supposed to. This is why make sure you keep your nails dry as much as you can. For daily chores, like doing dishes; make it a point to wear rubber hand gloves to keep the nails protected. Also, if you wash your hands, make sure you wipe off the water as soon as possible.

Get any damage fixed immediately

Imagine spending some money to get acrylic nails, some damage happening, and ultimately having to pay all over again. If you keep procrastinating getting your nails fixed, you are making the professionals charge you complete money. However, if there is some damage soon after you got acrylic nails, you can get it fixed for free or at minimal costs.

Use a non-acetone remover

Acetone in a nail polish remover is a big no-no for acrylic nails. Acetone has the potential to slowly degrade the acrylic layer. Make sure you buy a nail polish that doesn’t have acetone in it. You can easily find it in stores. In fact, with acrylic nails, it would even be better to settle down for a nail polish remover that also contains elements to condition your natural nails.

Oil your nails

No matter how regularly you get an acrylic layer on your natural nails, the health of your natural nails is of great importance. This is why; despite whatever you do, you should make it a point to never miss taking care of your real nails. For this, you can apply oil over your nails twice a day. This will help you make sure your nails are strong enough and don’t get brittle and fragile.

Use antibacterial soap

When you have a layer of acrylic nails on your real nails, there are chances of the bacteria getting trapped in between and causing infection. Though this is a very rare thing to happen, it still is better to take preventive measures. To make sure you get rid of any bacteria, make sure you use an antibacterial soap to wash your hands and specifically nails.

Touch ups

It would be a good idea to go for refilling once in at least 2 weeks to retain the adherence of the acrylic nails to your natural nails. To know more about acrylic nails, nail art trends, and much more, visit The Cuddl website.

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