What You Should Know about Leather Notebooks

Keeping a leather notebook or journal is a great way to keep track of things including the ideas and thoughts that you cannot express to other people, the happenings in your life, and even the notes in your class. However, before buying one, there are some things that you need to know about it first. Here are some of them.


  1. It comes in different binding styles

Some notebooks feature thread, glue, or staple binding while some features stitch buttons. There are also ones that come with snap closure that adds beauty to the notebooks, making them one of the ideal personalized gifts for him or her. On the other hand, most of them are also refillable.


  1. Different kinds of leathers are used

Although they are all made of leather, you can expect that they would not totally look the same. The reason for this is because each one has a different texture, color, and even markings. Nevertheless, they all have that touch of elegance.


  1. It requires proper care

Unlike other notebooks, you need to use a leather conditioner to protect it from temperature and humidity. It is also not advisable for you to bend or fold it too much as it may create wrinkles and cracks on the cover of your notebook. You should also keep your leathernotebook away from sharp objects. Also, wipe it from time to time to remove the dust.


  1. It has a distinct smell

In most cases, you can immediately tell if something is made of leather based on its smell. The smell comes from all the dyes used and treatments that a notebook has undergone together with a little bit of lingering animal hide smell. As notebooks undergo different processes, some have a stronger smell than others.


  1. It serves different purposes

Some schools provide notebooks with their logo to their students for jotting down notes. Notebooks are also useful in trade shows, conventions, employee orientation, and training sessions. On the other hand, some people use it as their personal journal during their travels.


  1. It is pretty durable and has a nice texture

What people love about it are not just its color and the markings it contains but also its texture that is nice to the touch. It offers a different tactile experience to its users. Also, notebooks made of leather are highly durable and less prone to damage, especially those with a heavier cover.


  1. Some leather notebooks are moisture-resistant

Well, this depends on the treatment process used for processing the leather. For example, if the material was treated with wax or oil-based conditioner, then it would be moisture-resistant. This can also help prevent cracking, which means that you can preserve the beauty of your notebooks for a longer period of time.

Leather may be more expensive than most materials that are used as a notebook cover, but it’s still worth it considering its aesthetic beauty and durability. Also, nowadays, you can find a leather notebook offered at a budget-friendly price. Aside from that, it looks more professional, which makes it ideal to be used for business meetings.