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Short formal dresses are just as elegant as long ones

Have you ever wondered if a shorter dress makes you look less elegant than in the situation of wearing a long one? Well, this question is irrelevant, and you should be confident on your fashion tastes. As long as you are feeling good wearing your preferred clothes, the people around you will notice that and will surely appreciate it. After all, formal dresses are elegant no matter the gown size. Knowing how to choose between styles and selecting the appropriate type of dress for the event you are going to attend is definitely a must, but there is no strict rule that specifies you need to look like everyone else. Set your own rules and dress exactly as you like, respecting the grandeur of the event all at once. Here are some facts about short formal dresses that will surely change your opinion and make you wear one next time:


A shorter dress can be suitable for many types of occasions. The first thing you should keep in mind when buying a dress is where you are going to wear it. Shorter dresses are much more versatile than longer ones because you can wear them at wedding parties, during a night out, at a cocktail party and so on. A longer dress is much more difficult to wear twice, once because people already saw you and – probably – remembered that dress since the first time you showed up in it, and twice because the event must be fancier than a regular one. Yet a shorter dress can be combined in various ways and you can wear it multiple times with different accessories, at diverse events.

They are cheaper in most cases

Long dresses are usually much more expensive than long ones because there is much more material required to create a longer dress. Of course, there are short formal dresses that can be as expensive or even more expensive than a longer one. It all depends on the material used or on the exclusivity of the dress. Talking about regular shops, short dresses are cheaper than longer ones, so you might save some money or at least respect your budget. Again, this is no ground rule but it can be applied to most cases.

It can flatter your body shape

Some women are simply avoiding wearing long dresses because they are not flattering their body shape and that’s not something they should worry about. A shorter dress doesn’t automatically mean that you will lose the elegance. If you accessorize the dress right and you add a stunning hairstyle and makeup to the whole look, the whole outfit is going to be the expression of elegance itself. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your legs, or simply deviate attention from another part of your body, a short dress is the perfect way to do it. As long as it fits your body shape like a glove and you feel confident wearing it, people will perceive your confidence as beauty and luxury. Go with the flow and wear whatever represents the true you.

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