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Make your customized face masks

Over the past few years, customized facial masks have become more common. These comfortable, custom face masks are made of latex-free, soft fabric. So they will wear snugly and not upset your skin.

They are made of high quality respiratory material and are available in four different sizes. So you are anti-sweat and can easily respire. Your mask will remain in place, cover your nose, chin, and mouth. The elastic stretch straps create today your facial mask.

Make your face masks customized. It is designed exclusively for the mode of your face.

Creating customized facial masks and changing professional look. Pair for the perfect look with a bottle or a scarf. It is great for bikers and climbers who do not want the complete solution of face and neck.

These custom face masks are offered in a set of four. Our individual facial masks are made of soft, breathable fabric so that you know that they will make you feel good and will not irritate your skin. The traditional elastic style is easy to wear and to look after.

Our fabric extends to a smooth and comfortable feel on your face. To keep the face mask clean, wash the face mask at 30 ° C to 60 ° c. It comes in small, medium, large or XL sizes.

All of our products are handmade. Before use, always wash your face cover and avoid touching your face while wearing the mask for maximum protection.

Please put your customized face mask on properly and place it with clean hands over your nose and mouth. Then pull the elastic stretching straps across both ears. Set the cloth to cover the nose, mouth and chin full.

Unhook the straps from behind your eyes to remove your custom face mask safe and raise the mask from your face. Make sure you cannot touch the mask’s visible part. Wash your mask once you are using it.

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