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How Christmas Decorations Help Kids Cope Amid COVID-19

Over the past months, the world has been battling an unseen enemy — the infectious disease that is the COVID-19. And this experience has brought unprecedented changes in what we perceive as a “normal daily life.” Now that families are advised to stay at home, parents should be playing that crucial role in helping their kids cope with the global pandemic. One way of doing so? Bonding over decorating their places with COVID 19 Christmas ornaments.

How Holiday Decors Help

Christmas is a special time of the year — and a pandemic shouldn’t be a hindrance from feeling that holiday spirit.

Take a look at the positive side of the lockdown life and use this season to create beautiful memories with your kids amid these challenging times. Here are ways where a simple activity like decorating your home with COVID 19 Christmas ornaments can help you and your kids cope from the changes brought forth by the pandemic.

Fun bonding experience. From choosing your theme to choosing COVID themed decors to actually dressing up your home for the holidays, you and your little ones can use this time to create stronger bonds.

Keeping holiday traditions alive. By keeping such kind of holiday traditions alive, you can give your family a semblance of sorts of how you celebrate Christmas during the previous years. This feeling of familiarity can help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Spreading optimistic vibes. Extending your decorations to the exterior of your home (like installing holiday lights on your shrubs) is a way of spreading holiday cheers across your community.

Other Ways to Cope

Apart from taking time to spruce up your home with COVID 19 Christmas ornaments together with your kids, here are other ways you can help them cope.

Talk about the COVID 19 in a way your kids can understand. You have to make sure your children are aware of what’s happening in their surroundings. But bear in mind not to overload them with information that can cause them to be unnecessarily worried.

Teach them about the importance of proper hygiene. To keep your household protected from the invisible enemy, you should observe health and safety protocols even at home.

Try to keep a routine. To give your children a feeling of familiarity, you should still follow a schedule or routine. However, don’t forget to give your kids and yourself much-needed breaks.

Bond over fun and interactive activities. Besides holiday decoration installation, they are other ways wherein you can bond with your kids. Choose games and activities that foster holistic learning.

Be a role model for your children. Children learn from how their parents act. As you now spend more time with them, you have to be more aware of your behavior. Be a role model and make sure that you walk your talk.

Declare a holiday. Even if it’s not Christmas day yet, why not declare a personal holiday to inject an element of fun in your stay-at-home experience. Take a break from your usual routine, indulge in a hearty meal, and create memories that can make the whole pandemic season less dark and disheartening.

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