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Why Should You Choose Organic Cotton Bags Over Ordinary Bags?

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Organic cotton is one of the high-quality cotton, which is grown as per local organic and international farming standards. It is an eco-friendly option if we compare it to other fabrics, thus, is overall good for the environment and health.

There are various types of bags available in the market, however, bags made from organic cotton are the best. If you compare it with recycled cotton, it certainly is a preferable choice. The following guide will brief you more about the advantages of using organic cotton bags over recycled ones:

Why Choose Organic Cotton?

  • Good for Environment

Organic cotton is a much cleaner option as compared to recycled cotton since it helps to keep air, soil, and water clean. During the farming of organic cotton, there is no use of fertilizers, herbicides, and harmful pesticides.

Additionally, it releases 46 percent lesser carbon-dioxide as compared to other fabrics thereby contributes to a lot of energy-saving. Additionally, farmers dealing with organic cotton are very much thought about the well-being of the soil. After cultivation, organic cotton retains more moisture compared to normal soil, which in turn helps to reduce the water need for future farming.

This is the major reason why organic cotton is a preferred choice over recycled cotton as it contributes to the betterment of the environment.

  • Provides A Living to Farmers

Organic cotton farming can provide a good living to farmers. Most of the farmers into organic cotton’s farming are poor. If you start adopting organic cotton products as compared to recyclable cotton, such as tote bags, backpacks, you can contribute to the living of these farmers.

We use a lot of products in our day-to-day life made up of recycled cotton, however, if we instead adopt organic cotton, we can make living better for poor farmers. One easy adoption is in bags, you can order reusable bags with your custom printed logo. Such tote bags are not only stylish and affordable but are reusable.

  • More Durable

Organic cotton bags and clothes are more durable as compared to conventional cotton. The main reason is that there are lesser chemicals that are being used during the cultivation of organic cotton. This makes the fiber of organic cotton healthier and thicker. Thus, investing once in organic cotton clothes or bags can help you to provide long term benefits.

  • Less Soil Poisoning

Organic cotton doesn’t contribute to groundwater and soil poisoning thus is overall good for the environment. On the contrary, nonorganic cotton causes soil erosion and contributes to soil poisoning.

It is important to know that cotton needs a huge quantity of weed and pesticide killers thereby the chemicals from these chemicals can pollute the groundwater and soil. Hence, we need to switch from non-organic cotton products to organic cotton items since those goods are better for our environment and society as a whole.


To conclude, switching from nonorganic to organic cotton can be a step ahead towards a cleaner and better environment. We can slowly start moving towards organic cotton products.

Chloe Jenkins: Chloe, a sustainable fashion advocate, shares eco-friendly brands, tips for sustainable shopping, and insights into the environmental impact of the fashion industry.