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When should you replace your Contact lenses?

Even after providing extra care to your contact lenses, you should still replace your lenses frequently as each contact lens comes with a time period from the company. Some lenses need to be disposed on a day to day basis while some lenses are to be disposed of after every quarter or after every 6 months. The tradition contact lenses are also known as reusable contact lenses can be used for a long time ranging from 6 months to a year.

The gas permeable contact lenses are resistant to dust and thus they do not require to be discarded as frequently as other contact lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses can last a year and longer before discarding them.

Various Designs of Contact Lenses

There are various designs of lenses that are available in the market-

Spherical contact lens- is a type of lens in which it has the same lens power from the beginning until the very end of the optical part of the lens. This lens is used for correction of either myopia or hypermetropia but not both.

Toric contact lenses- are soft lenses which have different powers in different places to correct myopia as well as hypermetropia or astigmatism.

Multifocal contact lens- contains different power zones for farsightedness and short-sightedness. The multifocal contact lenses are used to correct presbyopia along with either myopia or hypermetropia but not both.

Cosmetic contact lenses- are those kinds of lenses which do not have any medical use but are only used for cosmetic purposes and nothing else. Just to enhance their beauty and appearance, women buy these lenses. These lenses are known for their different kinds of colours like red contact lenses, white contact lenses, green contact lenses and many more kinds. These lenses are mostly used in theatre by artists and actors for their shows. Special cosmetic contact lenses can also be made on order if the person has myopia or hypermetropia according to their needs.

What should you do about the contact lenses as there are many available in the market?

In the end, you should always go for the lenses that are comfortable and right for you. Do not ever go for lenses which are not comfortable or if they are hurting your eyes. If a lens is hurting your eyes then it will do more harm than good as it can increase your eye power and make them unfit.

There is always trial and error involved in choosing the best suitable contact lens for your eyes. Also, you should always check if the contact lens is fitting in your eyes or not else you will not be able to wear it properly.

Nowadays, it has become very to clean and maintain the contact lenses compared to previous times. Back in the previous days, you had to buy several bottles of cleaning the lenses and lens products but today you just require a small multipurpose bottle which does all the cleaning part for you. Although, you need to be careful as that multipurpose bottle liquid should not get into your eyes.

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