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What does a Pepper Spray Bottle Have?

Pepper spray is one of the best ways in which an individual can raise his or her confidence level with regards to safety. If you want to be safe and sound while walking on the roads and if you are carrying a pepper spray bottle in your pocket, you know nothing wrong can happen to you. If someone tries to misbehave with you, you’ve got the right thing to get rid of him or her.

Even if you are trained in self-defense, carrying a pepper spray bottle is suggested. There are times when you have more than a single person attacking you and thus, when you have such a spray with you, there is a chance for you to get rid of them.

Thanks to Pepperface sprays, it is now possible for you to carry a pepper spray bottle without being too obvious about it. Yes – you can now carry a sleek, stylish and beautiful bottle in your wallet, or slip it into your pocket, and not let others guess about it. Since the bottles are created with safety in mind, you don’t need to tell even your best friend that you’re carrying a pepper spray bottle. There are things that are meant to be in your heart, only, especially when it is the question of your safety.

If you have already got a pepper spray bottle, do you know what it contains? If you are not sure about the “ingredients” of pepper spray, you are on the right page. We are here to tell you about all those things that are used to make such a spray.

Such a spray is created with the help of a chemical called capsaicin, which is extracted from Capsicum or chili. Oleoresin capsicum is also taken out from the same fruit. Then, propylene glycol, which is an emulsifier, is used for the suspension of Oleoresin Capsicum in water. The entire thing is finally pressurized and made aerosol to put inside the pepper spray bottle. In order to measure the amounts of these “so called ingredients”, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used.

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