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Types of Crystal Gifts Available

There are many different items which have crystals been placed. In fact a crystal can be added to almost any item to make it a more personalized gift. You light be surprised by the sheer range of crystal gifts available:

  • Crystal Glasses

These have a beautiful shine to them and a distinctive ring when you run your finger round the top. They should also catch the light perfectly.

  • Crystal Vase

This crystal gift will have a very similar appearance to the glasses but will serve a different purpose. Both of these are excellent gifts for families or couples and you will be thought of every time they use them.

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  • The Cake Plate

This stunning looking item is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to bake. It will enhance the look of any cake.

  • Crystal Lamps

These items are slightly more unusual and will probably be either loved or hated. You need to know your friend well before you give this type of gift!

  • Decanter

If you’re giving glasses to someone you may want to make the crystal decanter another part of your crystal gifts options. This will allow your friends to display your gift prominently and they will almost certainly use them on regular basis, whether they fill the decanter with wine or whiskey.

  • Ice Bucket

This is a follow on from the decanter and wine glasses. Nothing says class in the same way that a crystal ice bucket does. All you need to do is make sure your friends are into champagne or at least sparkling wine!

  • Photo Frames

A photo frame can be given with or without the photo. Adding a few crystals into the frame can transform it from an everyday item into something special. This will encourage your friend to put a really special picture into it and think of you every time they look at it.

  • Jewelry

You will find the range of potential jewelry gifts is huge. You can choose from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chains, key chains and hundreds of other items. Most of them can also be personalized to add the extra special touch.

A word of warning when choosing jewelry as one of your crystal gifts; you must know the person well enough to be sure that you are buying something they like, especially if you personalize it!

Buy Wisely

This list is the most common crystal gifts but there are hundreds more, such as healing crystals or birthstones. Choosing the right one will take time but, if you consider carefully which type of gift will appeal the most then it can be one of the best gifts you have ever given.

Crystal gifts tend to stand out from the crowd; they have a little more glitter and panache. The people receiving the gift will remember your generosity in the future. Of course, this is not the reason you should give gifts but it will give you a warm feeling inside.

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