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Toys Can Help Your Kids Stay In Shape

This might sound a bit weird at first, but it has been a problem for a long time, as kids tend to grow up overweight. It’s always a good idea to get your kids toys that will help them stay physically active, for example the kid climbers at Step2 Direct.

Many of you might misunderstand the title, as it can sound a bit off, but just keep in mind that all of that is done to help your child. Adding weight to the toys that your kids play is a great way to improve their fitness. According to a research at Indiana State University, kids who are 7 or 8-years-old and who have carried toys with added weight have shown improvement in a lot of aspects.

Obesity is a problem even with children

There is more to it

While this just sounds like a small fitness routine for children, it is actually more than that. While this research was conducted, all of the following factors were studied: heart rate, respiration, energy expenditure and muscle activity, and they all showed some improvement with kids who have played with weighted toys.

Children who play with these toys will burn a lot of calories, and their heart rates will also be higher, just like their respiration; which is a good thing. This is something that would be perfect for overweight children.

Keep your kids healthy

There is a huge obesity epidemic going around, and if you are not able to keep your kids healthy, you should think about resulting to this method. The amount of weight that will be added can always be discussed with a doctor.

However, just because you will add some weight to the toys that your kids play with, that does not make everything go away. Obese children will need a lot more to stay in shape, but starting with weighted toys is not a bad idea.

You will also have to monitor their health and feed them regularly. Ask your doctor and nutritionist to provide you with a diet that your kid needs, to help him/her get on a healthier path in life, by losing at least some of the excess weight.

Disabled kids can also benefit from this

Although this is still in process, researchers believe that these toys could also help children with different disabilities. Such play-time could serve as the physical therapy that they need, and it can help children who have disabilities such as Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.

Help your kids by encouraging them to engage in physical activities

Kids with those kinds of disabilities are known to also have deficits in their muscular strength. By playing with weighted toys every day, could actually help them build needed muscle, and it could also help their physical therapist with their therapeutic approaches.

Talk to your doctor

As it was mention, if your kid is obese, just making him exercise is not enough. You will have to build a diet that works the best for your children, which is why it is always a good idea to contact your doctor or nutritionist.

Final word

You have many different ways to encourage your kids to engage in physical activities. There are also a lot of different games they can try out, and today you can also buy the best of quality kids sport toys at Step2 Direct, that are bound to motivate them to play!

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