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Perfect Solutions for the Nose Protection

Nasal plates, terminals, hinge, can you speak properly when it comes to glasses? It is not necessary to become an expert optician-optometrist, but it does not hurt to know some detail about the most important parts of a basic frame. Fashion has changed so much that there are models that dispense with some of the parts in favor of aesthetics, of course this does not affect quality or negatively affect vision, optical professionals know how to take good care of our eyes. In this image we show you everything you need to know about “eyewear terminology”. Don’t lose any detail and show off your wisdom.

Glasses parts


They range from the front of the sight or sun frame to the ears. In colloquial language they are called “sideburns”. They are usually curved at the end, to ensure a better grip. They are usually adjustable, so if they bother you, go to your optician to adapt them. 

Today this part of the frame is considered essential for a good fit of vision

Front. It is made up of the two rings that surround the lenses. It can be made of many materials (usually metal or acetate), be invisible (nylon thread), or even non-existent, as is the case with many “open frames”. The world of fashion and design has changed this part of the lenses in a very original way, already in the 18th century the lenses were a symbol of social prestige and luxury, for a reason it will be! At present, in addition to thinking about the visual health of your eyes, the first thing that makes you choose a frame is the design of the front, it defines the personality of the glasses and your own personal image. The use of the Ray Ban replacement nose pads come up with the best deals here.


This name is given to the end of the temples, which is usually curved to fit better. To provide greater support and comfort and also to avoid allergic reactions to certain materials, they can be made or covered with soft materials, such as rubber or rubber. Sometimes the terminals are an extension of the rods and are made of the same material. They seem like an unimportant element but they keep the frame in place and our comfort depends on its ergonomics. For athletes and children, these terminals are usually provided with a material with a special grip to prevent them from falling.


This word that defines the moving part of the glasses. It is the hinge that joins the rods with the front. In most cases, the hinge is made up of a hinge with screws, although technical innovations allow many mounts to have neither a hinge nor screws, but rather simple elbows. The hinge is a very small part of the frame, but it also plays an important role in design, and many of the specialty manufacturer brands take advantage of its design to highlight their brand.

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