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Microblading Spokane: Advantages of Microblading your Eyebrow

Unless women have a perfectly shaped eyebrow (a perfect brow is like a unicorn, they do not exist), and they adapt to western standards of what beauty is, they might probably need to do some work to their brows at some point. A regular visit to the parlor or salon for a session of eyebrow wax will most likely set them a couple of hundred dollars each year – not to mention, irritation, pain and discomfort they will feel each session and the amount of time invested in going to these salons every couple of weeks. 

Most women are overplucking their brows at least once in their lives, usually during their dreadful teenage years. All that overplucking can dramatically alter the brow’s natural thickness and shape, which will leave a lot of tweezer-enthusiasts with a thin line instead of beautiful eyebrows. 

It will make women look like Mona Lisa. Some women try to fix this problem by filling their eyebrows with different products. These products are not cheap, just to let you know. It is okay if you know what you are doing. If you do not have an ounce of idea on how to do it, you are in for a ride and might end up drawing some horrific lines instead of having beautiful brows. 

Is microblading the best solution to every problem woman are facing in this department? In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the benefits of getting a brow microblading. The thing is, if you are tired of this type of beauty problems, there is a big chance that microblading is perfect for you, a semi-permanent makeup solution that will fill and shape your brows and make it look natural, it is almost unnoticeable.

It will save you a lot of time

How many early mornings have you spend shaping and filling your eyebrow and realize you are late for work because you can’t leave yet since your makeup is not done yet? For a lot of women, it is a daily routine that needs to be done religiously – spending 15 to 30 minutes of your time every morning perfecting your eyebrows and putting your eyeliner. 

Depending on their needs, there are steps in women’s beauty routine that they are not willing to skip. If they have a thin eyebrow and they are used to shaping them every morning, they will be happy to know that microblading will allow them to skip the shaping and filling part of their morning ritual. Women will be able to sleep an additional 15 to 30 minutes every day since they will not have to do this routine anymore.

It will save women a lot of money

If we do the math – the money women spend on filling products every year like fixers and brushes is staggering. We already said that microblading is an excellent investment. The reason for this is because while it may not be that cheap compared to buying brushes and fixers (fixers and brushes cost more or less a dollar each), it will last up to about three years if we are looking for long-lasting procedures since it is semi-permanent. 

Women will get back the money that they spend on makeup. Not only that, they will get an extra ROI or Return on Investment since they will also save a lot of time and energy.

Women will have a brow blueprint

If women have bushy brows, unlike Mona Lisa, they are still an excellent candidate for microblading since they will now have a perfect blueprint to follow. They will no longer come out of the beauty salon looking like a different person each time because a different beauty technician waxed their brows. So, next time, the technician will just flow the natural and beautiful blueprint of women’s eyebrow area and they will always look marvelous. 

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It is safe

Microblading is safe when it is performed by a registered, professional and licensed esthetician. Sure, there are risks to the procedure, but the risks are minimal compared to the benefits you can get from them. 

New brow in under two minutes

We were crunching the numbers of how much women will save when they use microblading, and since time is money, they will save even more. It will only take one and a half to two hours long and you get to sport your brand-new brows immediately.

New natural brows

Unlike previous cases, if you are a Mona Lisa, chances are you are the one to get the most out of this process, especially if you are suffering from hair loss as a consequence of alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. Microblading is meant to make women look natural, giving those sparse and thin brows a strong and natural frame to their faces for the first time. 

Everybody knows how significant these small patches of hair on the forehead is in the harmony of the face, and let us not ignore how fashionable they have become recently. A beautiful set of brows will set make you stand out from the rest and will give you an extraordinary facial feature that will be the first thing people see when they look at you.

It does not hurt

If you are afraid of anything sharp like needles, you have nothing to worry about microblading. The standard procedure is to use a numbing topical ointment instead of using local anesthesia, so you will not ever be injected with responsible estheticians. These topical ointments will work wonders and you really should not feel pain. Some people feel more relaxed during the procedure; they fall asleep.

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