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French manicure with short nails

Every year the trends are renewed, but if there is something that does not go out of style is never the French manicure. Discreet, simple, elegant, the girls love it! Learn today to do it yourself at home with their advice and save yourself time and money.

If you like to be able to wear your short nails in a way that not only look elegant but also trend, there will be nothing like betting on French nails as these allow us a finish to which we can add all kinds of designs and drawings, so they are usually a type of nail that not only takes time being the choice of many women but also turns out that they will devastate throughout this year. Learn more at www.msmee.com.

Here we leave you the simple and illustrative step by step on how to do the classiest French manicures on short nails.

Says who that short nails are not striking. The fact is that the short nails, like the long ones, also deserve to be presumed by them.This type of nails allow greater flexibility when performing tasks with their hands and their care is less expensive and laborious than in the case of short nails. The fact is that the short nails can be beautiful even when they are managed in a well-mannered way!

Show off your short nails with the French manicure

French manicure is a type of decoration used by women for their nails. But some think that it is not possible to do it with short nails and they are wrong.

This manicure is possible both in one size and in another, and if you are one of those who presume short nails you will only need: nail file, cuticle oil, polishing block, base enamel, French manicure guides, white nail polish and clarity, and top coat.

  • The first thing you will have to do is give your nails a square shape with a file to take advantage of its natural shape without losing the length.
  • Prepare the surface of your nails by massaging with the cuticle oil and passing a block to polish up to three times if necessary in each nail to soften the imperfections.
  • Apply the base polish to each nail in two or three vertical lines, working from the base to the tips and let the base dry. Place the guide on each nail, the curved part of the guide has to be aligned with the natural bottom curve of the tips of your nails.
  • With a single brushstroke apply white enamel on the exposed part of the tips. Allow the enamel to dry before applying the second coat. Before removing the guides let the second layer dry.
  • Apply two thin layers of light pink enamel on the surface of each nail and let both layers dry. To finish protect your French manicure with a top coat.
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