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We are here to launch a new product Led lights in shoes! Yeah this website is about LED shoes and which we have named it as the Neonwear.As people are becoming futuristic they are loving things and accessories made with concept of futuristic. As we talking about accessories shoes are most common and favourite accessories among any gender of any age group. people today is making a lot’s of experiment in shoe’s according to the changing trend of the new generations we have also made the change and we have made it with introducing the  Neonwear LED shoes.

Now a days people are more concern about body fitness so they are joining various fitness centre as, Gym, Aerobics classes, Zumba classes and many more. including the dancing,parties here these shoes will be as asset for you as they will be very colourful which will add the colours to your party mood and also it will enhance your dancing move’s it prove’s that So shoes are key accessories for this, here we introduce Neonwear LED Light up shoes which can be used for all this various activities. and with the help to this you may add the variations to you attire and also This makes your shoes eye catching as they glow in dark. And you feel happier and will be noticed by many people. So come and grab size and style of your shoes. What are you waiting for? We have all shoes of all sizes, with different varieties and for all age’s group. and also we will be coming the limited edition designs in order to make your shoe’s more good and appealing that anyone else So get pair of your Neonshoes now. And join us in the revolution of changing the shoe racks with more colours and lighten up it with Neonwear

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