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5 easy steps to find the best photographer for your wedding

You’re getting married! Congratulations! Whether you’re going for a big white wedding or something very casual and intimate with your closest loved ones, it is a very important day that you should celebrate, enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.

For the latter, hiring a professional wedding photographer is certainly the best option. This is not something that should rest in the shoulders of a newbie. In the middle of how stressful wedding planning can be, it’s so much better to have someone that would take care of encapsulating your big day so you can relax and enjoy with your partner, family, and friends.

There are so many unique weddings these days, from dark and gothic to candy world and modern, every one of them should have amazing pictures on their album. Follow this simple guide and relax!

Set a budget.

If you want to find the best budget wedding photography Los Angeles, talk to your wedding planner and set money limits at home before going to the agency. That would make you save time and money. And don’t be afraid of visiting different agencies! The more you look, the more offers you’ll find.

Select and discuss your aesthetic.

This is a very important step for the perfect photos. Just like going to the hair stylist, you need to explain your vision and style to the photographer so he or she can understand the concept and execute it perfectly. Talk to your partner first, and together you can choose the best way to represent those pictures of your lovely celebration. This can also be like a filter to find a photographer that fits your style for better results.

Do some research!

This step can apply to many subjects like the best chefs in town or trends of wedding cakes, but when it comes to finding the best photographer for your wedding, it’s very useful to do a little research on social media and find out about his or her job. Consider details like the location, the time of the day and personal style of the photographer. Remember that photography is art and art is subjective.

Think about the before, during and after.

Most of the weddings have these three stages: the preparation, the ceremony and the reception. A regular wedding can last over 6 hours, where the photographer should stay working for at least 4 hours. This is a very important subject to discuss with the professional in charge to ensure the pictures from the preparation of the bride and groom, the kiss and finally the first dance and the party. Yes, it’s a nice gesture to cover the food, drinks, and souvenirs of the photographer but first things firsts.

Hire a true professional.

Being a wedding photographer can be more challenging than a regular photographer. A professional has to be able to take a bunch of pictures that capture the beauty of the spontaneous moment and to work around a lot of people in a live event. As the to-be-wed couple, it’s better to get a little demanding on the discipline department to find someone who can not only take good pictures but actually, act like a professional and get the photos with purpose, resourcefulness and specially prepared for the occasion.

These 5 steps are only some of the most important to successfully find a true wedding photographer that fits your style and your partner’s.  As the stars of the wedding, the bride and groom must have someone who can capture with accuracy the celebration of their love and commitment with their loved ones.

Remember always to enjoy your wedding 100% and to satisfy your standards. No other person knows what you would like but yourself and your couple. To organize such an important event, there must be communication, trust, respect, and love for what you’re doing.

A wedding is as unique as the to-be-wed couple, so, make it yours! Be sure to live it, enjoy it and embrace it. Strike your best pose, eat your cake, dance your first song as a married couple, and smile for your family and friends, and the beauty of the pictures will come along.

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