Why Wedding Dresses Are White: Know The Reason?

Have you ever noticed one thing about wedding dresses that most of them are white? Have you ever wondered why bridesmaid dresses are white in colour? If the question has crossed your mind when you are in the right place as we are going to reveal to you the history behind wearing wedding dresses.

Reason Why Wedding Dresses Are White:

There are a number of myths surrounding wedding dresses being white. If you associate it with purity, then you should be surprised to know that it has nothing to do with it. Having said that, the history of white wedding dresses is a bit confusing. You would be surprised to know that wedding dresses were always not white. In fact, the colour white was linked with mourning. However, everything changed back in the year 1840 when Queen Victoria decided to dress up in a white wedding dress on her wedding with Prince Albert.

At the time of marrying Prince Albert, Queen Victoria hold the tag of a queen and thus, she had all the rights to choose whatever wedding dress she wanted to. She was the first lady to popularise the white wedding dress and since then everything has changed.

White wedding dresses were in practice even before, Queen Victoria wore it on her wedding. It actually dates back farther than what you may think of. According to many historians, white fabric was quite expensive back in the days and also it was hard to keep it clean than the other colours. It is because of all these reasons that it was regarded as a status symbol for the wearer. The white fabric was mainly worn by royal women and wealthy families. Since others couldn’t afford it, the colourwas marked as the colour of the rich people. Many of the European wealthy families used white wedding dresses simply to show off their wealth and status to the society.

Thus, it can be said that before the arrival of the year 18040, white was the colour of wealth. But with Queen Victoria’s wedding, the scenario of wearing a white dress changed forever. The wedding of Queen Victoria inspired Europeans to instill a different meaning with the colour white.

Well, now you know the truth behind wearing a white wedding dress on the day of the wedding. Nowadays, you can even get cheap bridesmaid dresses that are white in colour. However, there are expensive ones too. It is up to your budget that whether you want to go for an expensive dress or a cheap one. Also, you can avail others colours as well. If you don’t want to stay restricted to white, there are other beautiful colours as well which you can go for. Today, you have more liberty to choose the colour of your wedding dress than ever before.

Now that you know the truth about wearing white dresses you may have a different perspective about it. You can learn more about its history in details from the net.