Watch Out for These 5 Trends in Winter and Casual Jackets for Men

Top 7 Men's Winter Fashion Trends | Man of Many

Coats and jackets are men’s favorite wear, especially in winter. And of course, what can be better than jackets that can be stylish, fashionable and extremely comfortable to wear when the weather outside is chilly. Today, they can be found in a lot of varying designs. These design trends usually come from top global brands, all of which can be found at the amazing online shopping platform of Dynacart. Here, you can come across a variety of casual jackets for men, winter coats and more. But before you visit the platform and are spoilt for choice, let’s take a look at the top trends in this particular garment.

The Plaid Coat

The trendy jackets that the young generation is in love with come in this new plaid design and the style has been adopted by brands like Dolce & Gabbana. The plaids are used either sparingly or in an all-over bold print or check. In a few from well-known brands, you can find fringes too. These jackets are extremely sophisticated and can be donned in any casual occasion to turn heads around.

The Bold Color Jacket

Men, too, are experimenting with colors and designs these days and the emergence of the bold color jackets is indicative of this. If you are a little confident of carrying yourself perfectly, do not miss adding a bold red color coat/jacket in your wardrobe. This design trend is found in men’s winter jackets, made of different materials too.

The Bomber Jacket

A perfectly casual wear, the bomber styled jackets have a rough and rugged look that ideally suits the personality of a biker or an adventurous hiker. The bomber jackets are also best to withstand the falling temperatures and yet, look simply handsome.

The Oversized Coat

The oversized coat has been in trend and this winter, you can find a wide variety of them from reputed brands at Dynacart. These jackets typically have boxy, extra-wide shoulders and dramatic sleeves. The garments echo style and confidence and can suit the personality and body type of most men of practically all ages. You can wear these in a variety of occasions as well as on trips.

The Shearling Coat

The shearling coat is a must-have piece for any man’s wardrobe and especially those who love the retro-styled garments. These long sleeve coats look heavy but are actually quite comfortable on the skin. They are ideal for wearing in places where winter is a bit too harsh. The coats can save you from the biting cold and keep you warm while also making you look dapper.

So, keep these trends in mind and start enriching your winter wardrobe. With frequent men’s jacket sale at Dynacart, you can not only find the best pieces for your wardrobe but do so without burning a hole in your pocket.