The Swankiest Bars in Delhi for Amazing Wine, Beer and Spirits

New Delhi is one of the premier places for people who enjoy booze and partying. Apart from being the capital of India, it is India’s youth capital as well. The population here loves to party all night and work all day. With such a gentry, Delhi obviously has the swankiest bars in the entire country. But out of all those bars, the ones, which are worth your time, are the following. These bars in Delhi capture the real swankiness of partying and they do so with ease and perfection.

Here are the swankiest bars in Delhi for amazing wine, beer and spirits:

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Master of Malts:

Connaught Place has many bars and pubs, but none of them can match the mighty Master of Malts. Master of Malts has wood-paneled walls and a pretty spacious dance floor for the ambience. The place has innumerable malts from which you can choose your favorite. Malts are certainly the best kind of drinks for gentlemen and ladies alike. If you are a malt person, this is a must-visit for you. The place serves European, Continental, Chinese and North Indian cuisines along with outdoor and rooftop seating and private dining facilities. There is a separate smoking area for smokers. Karaoke andlive band performances are the highlight of the bar.

Address: 2nd Floor, Scindia House, Atma Ram Mansion, K.G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Tabula Beach:

If you are an ocean kind of guy, Tabula Beach is for you. With a beach theme, you can actually get the feel of the sea shore and what better place to enjoy drinks than a sea shore. The ambience has fountains, the dance floor has sand, and decks and hammocks make this bar the right kind of fun. Tabula Beach serves European, Asian and American cuisine and these cuisines perfectly compliment the bar menu of the place. The best part about Tabula Beach is that you can get your kids as well as your pets here! Other features include outdoor seating, live band performances and live sports screening.

Address: KhelGaonMarg, Asian Games Village Complex, next to Siri Fort, Asian Games Village Complex, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049, India

Lord of the Drinks Meadow:

One of the largest bars in HauzKhas Village, Lord of the Drinks is certainly the king in the spirits they offer. From hard drinks to cocktails to wine and beer, Lord of the Drinks Meadow has everything. The ambience of Lord of the Drinks would make you feel really close to nature. It has a vast open garden space, so you can host your parties here as well. The music here is pleasant and the North Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese food offered here is top notch! Lord of the Drinks Meadow also has outdoor seating and rooftop seating available plus you can also enjoy various hookah flavors here.

Address: New Deer Park, HauzKhas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Frat House:

As the name suggests, Frat House is specifically designed by keeping the youth in mind. It is a must-visit if you want to get in touch with the fraternity in you. It has everything that a youngster desires – booze,food, music and internet. The ambience is a mix of brick bars with high chairs as well as comfortable sofas that complement the floors that are made of wood. It has an excellent collection of beers and spirits from around the world plus the Frat House DJ plays sick beats all night long.

Address: Building No. 26, 3rd floor, Hauzkhas village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Get your swank back on and visit these bars to have the best party night of all time.