Synthetic VS Real Hair Extensions

You may be confused when choosing synthetic or real hair extensions. In general, synthetic hair is artificial hair, while real hair (human hair) is the original hair. To decide on both types of these ingredients, you should really understand the difference between a hair wig / hair extension and made with synthetic hair.

The definitions of synthetic and real hair extensions

Hair extension human hair made from human hair and hair extension synthetic hair made from artificial fibers. Human hair extension is made from human hair obtained from a hair donor and salon clippers. The hair will be cleaned, cut (trimmed), colored, and shaped in accordance with certain hairstyles. Real hair extensions are available at Hairexten online shop.


The real human hair extension has the same type of color as the hair of the person who will wear it. As a product made from real hair, you can do hairdo; something you cannot do with the synthetic. Human hair extension is a much softer product than a product of synthetic.

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The disadvantages

The price of real human hair extension human hair is more expensive than synthetic. This is because the difficulty level to get real hair. Hair that can be used should have a length, minimal, 11 inches. In addition, the process of grouping hair types also requires precision and accuracy. Collected hair should be selected according to the type. This is done so that when the hair extension is installed it will be the same as the original hair of the person wearing it.

Real hair treatment is relatively more difficult than synthetic. Users of real human hair extensions will usually use many products (relatively expensive price) to keep the extension beautiful. The real hair also requires a restyle every time you shampoo.

Illegal scary extension. You should be careful when you want to use a real human hair extension because at this time some of the human hair extensions are sold on the market made of corpse hair. You could find the good one at

Real Hair Extensions Advice

If you are still hesitant to determine which way is right, then you can use semi-permanent techniques? This method is done by using a clip system, which is much cheaper than other usage. The clip technique does not require extra care at all times and can last for up to a year. You can remove it after you finish using the synthetic or real hair extensions so that your hair is free from the damage caused by the use of the hair extension.