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Since coffee tables usually take pride of place in the living room, it is important that they look great; however, another important factor is that they perform as they are meant to. They must be attractive without disturbing the flow of the rest of the space and this task is easy to master, provided certain rules are followed. The very first rule is to use your Farfetch promo code so that you can shop for some good coffee tables and gain a good discount over the purchase.

Tips for Decorating Your Coffee Table

Keep Balance on a Coffee Table

Balance is an important part and symmetry is one of the easiest ways to achieve this balance. For example, if you place a heavy flower vase with a small bouquet as the central object, you can surround it with other small items like magazines or small decoration pieces of your choice. In this way, your decoration will balance out in terms of tone and size. 

The Composition of a Coffee Table Is the Key

Composition is a tricky thing to figure out, and it is the one thing most people struggle with to make their coffee table look stylish. The main thing is to think about how all the elements work together. Sometimes they connect by color, sometimes by style, sometimes by form and sometimes by theme. When your composition is correct, it will appear as a single unit, with each element fitting perfectly to the one around it. Play around with the elements and place them until they are right for you. You can find many different elements with Farfetch promo code which will go quite well with your coffee table.

Use a Decorative Tray

Designers and decorators use very simple tricks to make sure that the elements work together.
They use a tray to collect all the items. It is a great way to force the combination of elements and make the interior look unified. In case, if you are having trouble with composing, take all the elements and work within the confines of a set.

Choose the Right Size for Your Table

When you go about styling coffee tables, it is important that you buy the table with Farfetch promo code of the correct size. The elements you add with it should portray sufficient weight and must not be lost in the room. Additionally, it should not be overpowering as well as it will interfere with the functioning of the table.