If you are looking for a quality and stylish bag, then 4bag is the solution you’re looking for. This company makes its own fashion bags from 100% recycled leather.

The company started to operate in 1967 and today makes fashion high quality products so that customers are always satisfied.

In our online store you will find more than 600 types of handbags for any occasion such as greek handmade bags and Italian handmade bags.

Our products are now available across Europe and UK so you can place your order quickly and easily.

How to find the best backpack

What is the best backpack for you? There is no right model for everyone, so it’s depends on each woman’s everyday life.

For a woman that spends many hours outdoor, and then surely a bigger backpack is ideal. So, in a backpack with more space can put more things that are needed in everyday life.

It is also known that because of the fact that these bags are placed in the back, give more freedom of movement in order to be more comfortable if you need to move many times during the day.

In addition, if you need a bag for your afternoon walk then the backpacks with smaller size are very cute.

The color also depends on your personal choice. Brown, black, bordeaux, are just a few of the colors that won’t leave from fashion.

Choose from a wide variety of bags

In our online store you can find more than 1000 brand bags, so it’s quite difficult to choose the perfect handbag for you.

Shop from the comfort of your home and choose handbags from all the top Greek and European designers, such as Elena Athanasiou and Trussardi Jeans.

Don’t forget that here you will only find bags that are first quality and high construction.

No money down and 6 installments

Start online shopping today with no money down and six interest free installments with your credit card! We are also accepting payments from PayPal and all the major credit and debit cards.

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