Finding Your Choices for the best SPA Options Now

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It is most often offered by wellness rooms, and its main task is to accelerate the body’s regeneration process. Special basalt stones of volcanic origin are used for the massage, which can be used for therapeutic purposes thanks to many years of natural treatment with sea waves. They are specially selected in terms of shape. Warm stones have a thermotherapeutic application, and classic massage and lymphatic drainage techniques are combined here. The massage is calm and very relaxing.

For whom: For those who seek relaxation for the body and mind and want to accelerate the process of body regeneration.

The filtration of the spa is a very important point to keep the water clear and healthy. There are many filtration systems but nothing is worth a double filtration to suck the bottom deposits and treat the surface of the water. Proper spa filtration removes spa water from all impurities and prevents clogging of machinery to maintain pump performance. Remember that good filtration will save you from having to change the water in your spa.

Spa maintenance

First of all, make sure the spa you have chosen is easy to maintain. To do this, ask the seller to show you access to the vital system hatches.

Lymphatic drainage

Is one of the most effective ways to treat lymphoedema. In addition, it helps fight cellulite. In addition, it perfectly improves metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system and helps cleanse the body of toxins. During massage, techniques such as stroking, pushing, pressure and squeezing are used. All this is carried out along the lymphatic vessels or towards the nearest lymph nodes.

For whom: for people with water cellulite, problems with swelling and so-called with heavy legs, for people with poor circulation (prevents the formation of varicose veins) and for those who want to strengthen the body after illness or eliminate cramps and pain in the legs. With the weekend spa package at StromSpa you can find the best choices.

Chinese cupping massage

It comes from China. The citizens there used bubbles in medicine. Just like our grandmothers a dozen years ago. Today, however, the most popular Chinese cupping massage has gained in treatments aimed at reducing body fat and cellulite. The Chinese bubble works on the principle of sucking the skin, thanks to which the subcutaneous tissue of the thighs, buttocks or abdomen is massaged (it is usually where cellulite is located). During the procedure, it also accelerates the blood circulation of the massaged places, affecting metabolism, and thus contributing to the breakdown of fat. The massage lasts 15-30 minutes, it should be performed in series of 10-12 treatments. It should be done twice a week. Watch out for contraindications. These include: pregnancy, menstruation, varicose veins, vascular problems, blood clotting disorders, arthritis, skin inflammation.

Who is it for: For people who are struggling with unsightly adipose tissue and cellulite.

Of course, regardless of which massage you choose, in the case of any known diseases, you must always consult a doctor before undergoing a massage. This applies especially to pregnant women, because not all types of massage are recommended.