Expert Tips on How Engagement Rings Should Fit


It takes some time of shopping around and looking at your choices when you are planning to buy an engagement ring. Now that you are finally ready to ask your partner to settle down, for sure you would want to find the best ring to celebrate this occasion. One of the factors to consider when buying a ring is its fit. If you do not have the reference for the size of the ring, then this article is for you.

Finding the Best Fitting Ring

When that memorable moment happens, you want the ring to fit on your partners’ finger. If you want to keep this a secret, one of the things that you need to make sure of is the fit of the ring. There are different ways for you to find the best ring for your partner without literally asking him or her. If you want to keep this a secret, then try the tips below and see if you would want to consider them.

  • Go For the Average Size. If you want to play it safe, go for the average ring size for most women. For a woman who is about 5’ 4” tall, the average ring size is between 5 and 7. You can go for this but remember that not every woman will fit on rings within this range. The fit will also depend on the persons’ preference. Some want it to be tight-fitting while others prefer for it to be loose. 
  • Pick a Resizable Ring. It is best to go for a larger size than the smaller one. Some rings these days can be resized. So in case, the ring is too big, you can always use a ring guard as a temporary solution. This will prevent the ring from falling off the finger. The ring can be worn with this until it gets resized.
  • Ask For Help. If you want to avoid the hassle and have the fit right the first time, then you need to ask for help. There’s no harm in asking someone close to your partner to help you find the right size. This way, you will be assured that you pick the best engagement ring.

Engagement Ring: The Perfect Fit

As a rule of thumb, remember that a properly fitting ring should easily slide over the knuckles with slight friction. It should fit snugly on the finger but it should not be too tight. So it should not be too small, nor too big. There is a little resistance but will need extra force to remove it backward and over the knuckle.

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