Effective Way to Write a Letter to Santa

It has been a tradition in some countries to write a letter to Santa Claus, well, because, at least, it was possible to mail a letter, and possibly long before. Even in today’s modern world thousands of cards are sent as old-fashioned snail mail to Santa and surprisingly many such letters are answered. It is a very fun Christmas tradition to send a letter to Santa. 

How to write a letter to Santa Claus, here are some steps:

  • A few days before, make a list of the things they want: Start by writing down anything kids think they may want a few days before they write their letter for Santa. Come back every so often to their list and rethink what they wrote. Cross off stuff they’re not insane about, leaving only the ones they truly enjoy. 
  • Pick the paper: With a plain white sheet of paper, kids can keep it basic, or they can go for something a little bit bolder. Colourful paper for building works well. Whatever paper they choose, in the event of mess-ups, make sure to grab a few pieces.
  • Choose something good to write: A pen or pencil may be used by a child, but feel free to use pencils, colored pencils, and markers. To make a super colourful letter, they can also combine various writing tools, such as markers and colored pencils.
  • Just write the address: Start by writing in the top right-hand corner of the page their complete address. Do this carefully so that Santa knows where to locate a kid and can write a letter back to Santa. Write the date on the second line.
  • Start the letter with Dear Santa: A greeting is called this kind of salutation. Kids should always begin their letters with a greeting, so it’s really good to practice to write to Santa.
  • Say to Santa who they are: Of course, Santa knows the kid and watches him all year round. Santa gets lots and lots of letters, though, so he wants to know which one is his. If they like, include the name and include their age.
  • Ask about Santa: Asking the person they are writing to as to how they are is always polite, and Santa is no exception. The kid may have asked Santa how the weather in the North Pole was going, how Mrs. Claus is doing, or whether the reindeer liked the food they left out last year for them.
  • Tell Santa about the good things they did this year: Santa’s a busy man, so may need a little reminding of how nice they were. Tell Santa about their school successes, the good things they did for their friends and families, and how much they listened to their parents.
  • Ask Santa politely about the stuff on their list: look at the list they wrote a few days ago, which should have a few gifts that, really, really love kids. Then, kindly ask Santa in their letter for these goodies. Remember to say please and, by thanking Santa, finish up.