Choosing the Finer Options For the Right SPA

Leading an active lifestyle and regularly going to the gym? This means that regular recovery procedures for muscles and the body also need to be done regularly. And SPA and massage are excellent allies for a harmonious and sporty lifestyle. Therefore, we created a program specifically for lovers of training and weight training. With the StromSpa Québec this is important now.

What is included in the program?

  • Warming up in a cedar barrel 15 minutes,
  • Salt scrub 30 minutes,
  • Sports massage 60 minutes,
  • Foot massage 15 minutes.

Well, if you came immediately after a workout: a cedar barrel warms up tired muscles, and it is useful to apply a scrub to a warmed body. After these procedures, the skin will become perfectly clean and smooth. Sports massage will relax the body, and foot massage will give maximum pleasure. After visiting the program, you will feel a powerful surge of strength and energy and with this at least for negotiations, at least for a date, at least for a marathon.

Results from the SPA program “Secret of Champions”:

  • Recovery from sports
  • Clean and smooth skin
  • Pleasant body odor
  • Well-groomed appearance

Emotional rise

After an intensive training session, the Secret of Champions program will be as useful and enjoyable as possible. The pleasure of spa treatments is the best reward for your efforts and work!

Most men rarely allow themselves to relax and often ignore health problems. Especially if you are busy all the time where do you get time to relax? But in order to reboot and be in good shape again, you do not need much time just a couple of hours in the SPA center will replace your vacation with the effect. If you belong to the category that believes that SPA is only for women, you should know that men simply need to replenish their energy reserves and take care of their health in order to reach ever greater heights.

Especially for men, we created the Samurai program. It includes the most popular procedures, which in combination give a much greater effect than individually.

What is included in the program?

  • Warming up in a cedar barrel 15 minutes,
  • Traditional Thai massage 90 minutes,
  • Head massage 15 minutes.

Warming up in a cedar barrel improves tissue elasticity, relaxes the body and prepares it for Thai massage. Thai massage restores muscle flexibility and mobility, brings the body to tone. The final procedure, a head massage, improves blood circulation in the brain, increases concentration and energizes.

This is the program for you if

  • You are often on business trips at the spa you will relax after exhausting flights and trips
  • You have a responsible job the program will help you recover after difficult negotiations and a busy week
  • You have sedentary work will improve blood circulation and increase concentration
  • You do sports procedures will relieve tension from the muscles and consolidate the effect of training

Caring for yourself and your health is your responsibility. But to bear this responsibility is very nice. SPA treatments bring great benefits to the body, and you will always be in good shape, full of energy and new ideas how can you not succeed.