Are you Struggling with Anxiety? Aromatherapy in the form of Handmade Soap could be The Trick.

In our modern and fast-paced world where everybody around us seems to be living their best life, it’s common to feel like you’re struggling to keep up. From the pressure of performing our best in the workplace to the difficulty of juggling our busy family and social lives, there’s absolutely no shame in developing a mental health issue that only exemplifies your existing problems. Along with seeking help from a mental healthcare professional, there are myriad tactics that you can embed into your daily life that might help to alleviate these. The practice of aromatherapy, or, the act of using strong scents to improve our mental outlook, hearkens back to numerous ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and Roman Empires. Today, we’ll be concentrating on the modern craze of practicing aromatherapy from the comfort of a hot bath with beautifully scented handmade soaps that are designed to help ease anxiety, sleeplessness and mild bouts of environmental depression.

Considering the sheer amount of obligations that the modern person has on their plate, it’s easy to see why global rates of anxiety have been soaring in recent years. If you find yourself coming home from work in the evening feeling stressed, nervous and just plain exhausted due to the onslaught of tasks that you’re expected to juggle, you’re far from alone. As simple as it sounds, sometimes the best remedy is allowing yourself a solid few hours of relaxation in a steamy bath with a bar of aromatic, handmade soap by your side. While browsing through the slew of affordable, unique soap on the web, look out for products that include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, rose and bergamot. A large subset of people who suffer from anxiety claim to feel a sense of ease as they immerse their senses with these specific scents. Perhaps, fitting a lavish and decadent bath complete with sweet-smelling soaps into your busy schedule will give you a well deserved treat to look forward to during the working day.

Quite like anxiety, in today’s society, the amount individuals who have trouble with sleeplessness and insomnia is on the rise. As the cost of living rises globally, so too do our work obligations; it’s not uncommon to hear of a person who might be juggling two jobs, as well as schooling, just to get by. Almost ironically, those of us with the biggest burdens on our shoulders are more likely to fight to fall asleep. If you find yourself personally relating to this familiar struggle, you might want to try having a bath or shower complete with specialized, aromatic soaps a few hours before bed. Be on the lookout for handmade soaps that contain the fragrances of Roman chamomile, Valerian root, marjoram, lavender and ylang-ylang. These scents are said to promote sedation and sleepiness over time, so reading a fascinating book over the course of an hour whilst soaking in a warm bath that’s omitting these smells could have you sleeping soundly in your bed without difficulty.

In a similar vein to the aforementioned health issues, environmental depression is no longer an affliction that is so uncommon it’s hardly talked about- in fact, the growing rates of sufferers has caused the condition to be pushed into the forefront of media coverage in many nations. Unlike clinical depression, which is initially caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, environmental depression can manifest due to stress, trauma, self-esteem issues and unhappy surroundings. Although it’s absolutely imperative for individuals who suspect that they have developed environmental depression to seek medical help immediately, many patients develop their own strategies to ward against it at home- an example of this is the practice of aromatherapy. If you feel as though this might help you in dealing with mild bouts of depression, be sure that you choose handmade soaps that contain the scents of jasmine, rosemary, rose-otto, Yuzu, lime, sage and coconut. Hopefully, you’ll find that you’re in a happier disposition afterwards.

Sometimes the smallest actions that we choose to take to better care for ourselves can manifest in greater ways than we ever thought, and for those who commonly practice aromatherapy, this mantra is evident. What’s more, aromatherapy paired with handmade soap allows us to smell these scents to a greater and more impactful degree. However, if you ever feel as though your mental health issues are impacting elements of your life heavily, you need to see a certified mental healthcare professional; every mental illness exists on a spectrum, and sometimes they can become so overwhelming that talk therapy or a medication regime is the necessary course of action. In saying this, as we all work harder than ever to create a better future for ourselves and the people that we love, we need to remember to take time out of our day to treat ourselves; after all, what’s the point of life if we don’t take an hour or two to quite literally smell the roses?